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Top Secrets of Auto Insurance Adjusters After Accident in Ohio

The accident has happened and some consequences will occur, here we will explain the thing you can expect to happen to you and which happen usually to the people in this situation. After an accident has happened, be sure that claims adjuster will try to settle the case as cheaply as possible. That’s good for the insurance company, but you’ll need to look out for your own interests to get the most out of it. Don’t say anything, and also, don’t sign anything. And if the other persons involved in crash insurance company sends over claims adjuster the next day you don’t talk to him either. Insurance claims adjusters are usually here to find out fraud. Some say they’re also trained to mess with you to get the most out of you: trying to get you to settle immediately, tricking you into compromising your case, coercing you to use a repair shop they recommend, offering lower than fair replacement value if the car is completely crashed.

“Insurance companies didn’t get to be $15 billion and $20 billion because they give money away,” says John Smith of Morgan Hubble Smith Insurance, based in Columbus, Ohio. Here on onward we will tell a few very useful tips which if you follow will make your crash experience a lot easier. Watch your mouth, everything you say could be used against you so the best thing would be if you keep silent. You’ve just been in an accident. You may be dizzy with adrenaline, purple with fury or injured and not notice it. The first things that come out of your mouth might not be the best ones. Claims adjusters will always look to hear things like:  Apologies. This matter is very important factor in getting auto insurance in Ohio.

“I’m sorry” may come out automatically, but it might be used against you as admitting fault.  Hyperbole. “He was at least a minute late on the red light!” Witnesses or a security camera may say prove you wrong. Remarks about whiplash or about your how your old vehicle is being ready for the junk heap anyway. These nervous jokes can be used against you.  Too much information. Don’t say the accident happened on the same day you lost your job and broke up with your wife.

Don’t give out too much information to paramedics or emergency room personnel either. An example is a bicyclist who was hit by a drunken driver but made the mistake of saying he’d had some drinks with friends earlier that evening.

You have the right not to incriminate yourself. So stay calm. Tell the police or medical personnel only the bare basics, otherwise a claims adjuster will use your words against you later. Always speak up if it’s not your fault or you are wrongly accused, usually people won’t do that but don’t let fear overcome you in doing that. Don’t let them hurry you, take your time and slowly analyze every possible option you have before because that’s the tactic they use to not allow you to get the best option possible. The best way is to not get into accident but we hope this info will help you if you find yourself in that kind of situation. try to remember the points above so that your auto insurance in Ohio will be smooth as possible.