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Narrowing the Legal Requirements for Obtaining Auto Insurance in Ohio

It’s always important to buy Ohio car insurance cover wisely and be a smart consumer of car insurance. With the recent transformations on Ohio auto insurance market, there is no reason why you should continue paying high monthly premiums to your insurer. Taking advantage of the many free insurance quotes in Ohio guarantees you cheap car insurance rates in Ohio. Although the minimum insurance requirements may be relatively low, seeking for cheaper and better rates is always a good idea. There are various tricks you can use such as quotes comparison and taking advantage of auto discounts. This way, obtaining additional auto cover may not be very expensive for you.

Ohio car insurance legal requirements stipulate that car owners in Ohio must have $12500/ $25000/$7500 auto insurance covers for their automobiles. What this means in simple words is that the insurance cover must fully protect you against any possible loss during an accident. This is more so in accidents where you are at fault. The $12 500 auto insurance in Ohio covers bodily injuries sustained in an accident or insurance cover on one death in a car accident. Since every bodily injury in Ohio has insurance limit of $12 500, $25 000 car insurance cover in Ohio is for bodily injuries suffered by two persons in a given accident. Lastly, property damage in an accident carries an insurance cover of $7 500.

Ohio law on car insurance cover also requires drivers to present documents acting as a proof of their financial responsibility when found at fault in accident. Legal requirements on Ohio car insurance may also require that the drivers involved in a collision appear in a court of law. This helps to determine who was actually at fault during the time of accident. State authorities also continuously verify from time to time that Ohio drivers meet the minimum auto insurance requirements every time they are on the road. This random verification process on Ohio automobiles is done by Ohio Bureau of Motor vehicles.

Failure to comply with Ohio auto insurance requirements attracts great penalties and fines car owners. Such penalties may include:

•             Withdraw of Ohio car drivers privileges for a period of between 90 days and two years

•             Suspension of vehicle registration and license plates

•             Reinstatement fees may be charged on the car owners which depend on the number of times the driver has been caught violating auto insurance state laws.

•             Vehicle confiscation and immobilization for a period of between 30 and 60 days

•             When the driver is caught for more than three and other subsequent Ohio insurance law offenses, the vehicle may face forfeiture and car registrations suspended for up to 5 years.

Therefore, it’s very important that every Ohio car driver should comply with state insurance laws and get their vehicles insured to avoid these and other penalties. On top of compliance with the law, to easily obtain free auto insurance quotes for your car and avoid friction with the law, enter your zip code here above and stay safe on the road.